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Treatment process

The following diagram outlines the treatment process for the O2Vent.

Initial consultation

If you are diagnosed with suffering from OSA, then we will decide on a suitable treatment for you.

During this appointment, our dentist will overview your medical information and then perform a bite registration and impression of both your top and bottom teeth. This information will depict whether you are suitable for the Oventus O2Vent treatment.

The Oventus O2Vent is generally a great option for many sufferers and is more comfortable and easier to use than the CPAP machine.

Diagnostic sleep study

In diagnosing and finding the most suitable treatment for OSA, it is essential that a sleep study is undertaken. At Dental Sleep Medicine we do home sleep studies, where you take home a device and use for a night that will record data while you sleep. This data will be examined by a physician who will formalise the diagnosis.

Impressions and registrations

Once your risk factors have been examined and you have been assessed as being a suitable candidate for the Oventus O2Vent, we will take impressions and registrations of your jaw position. This will take around 30 minutes and will be used to fabricate your custom-made appliance.

Receive device

After around 3 to 4 weeks, Dental Sleep Medicine will receive your device and call you in for your appointment. During this appointment we will make sure your Oventus O2Vent fits and works as intended.

We will also discuss proper maintenance and use.

Follow-up sleep study

Once you have your Oventus O2Vent, you will be required to have a follow-up sleep study over a period of two nights.

The first night, we will examine your sleeping pattern and behaviour. While during the second night we will examine your sleep without the device.

While you use the device, our team will keep in touch and we recommend regular check-ups to monitor progress. It is also recommended to join up to Oventus’s medical online O2Vent portal.

The majority of OSA sufferers are mouth breathers and we may refer you to an ENT Surgeon to help you breathe through your nose. Please get in contact with the team at Dental Sleep Medicine by clicking here Contact Us, if you or a family member suffers from OSA, as we can help provide a better night’s sleep.

Want to know more about the Oventus O2Vent Optima? Then read this brochure from O2Vent.

For more information on home sleep, please check out the home sleep website, they work to find the best solutions to all sleep disorders by providing sleep equipment, and sleep studies for diagnosis.

Oventus O2Vent Optima in conjunction with use of an ExVent Valve

The purpose of the ExVent Valve is to allow for an option to augment traditional mandibular advancement therapy alongside the O2Vent treatment.

The ExVent Valve is needed when the airway needs additional help to stay open. The augment provides the airway with mild airway pressure support that helps to reduce or eliminate snoring and/or OSA.

Check out the instructions for use on the ExVent Valve addon.