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How the Dental Sleep Medicine MAS process works:

Initial consultation

Once you have been diagnosed with OSA and snoring, the MAS device may be recommended.

The first step is to organise an initial consultation with Dr Gibbins, who is one of the most experienced dental surgeons in Australia in dealing with the MAS device.

Dr Gibbins may recommend that you have a sleep study, in which he will refer you to a sleep physician. You may also be referred to an ears-nose-throat (ENT) surgeon for an airway assessment.

At Dental Sleep Medicine we will also take radiographs (OPG X-ray) for an assessment of your oral and nasal health.

Prior to beginning treatment, Dr Gibbins will discuss outstanding dental work that should be finished, as the MAS is custom made to your teeth and bite. Any dental work done after receiving the MAS will most likely impact the precision fit. Dr Gibbins is happy and able to perform this dental work.

Impressions taken

During the initial appointment, if no dental work is required, or during the second consultation you will have impressions or digital scans taken of your teeth.

These scans will be sent off to a dental laboratory, where your custom-made MAS device will be fabricated and sent back to our office after approximately 3-4 weeks.

Follow-up appointment

After 2-4 weeks, you will return to have a brief follow-up appointment that will be used to monitor your progress.

Dr Gibbins will likely recommend a follow up sleep study which will be used to ensure the MAS is delivering maximum benefits.

MAS offered at Dental Sleep Medicine

If you suffer from OSA we can help you find the right treatment, whether it’s the MAS device, CPAP or another. Don’t suffer in silence, let Dr Gibbins help you achieve a better night’s sleep by contacting us here Contact Us or calling on (07) 4051 4580 .