Are you wondering whether you suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) or another sleep disorder?

The only way to find out is to know the symptoms and seek medical help.

Symptoms of sleep apnoea

  • Snoring loudly
  • Wake up abruptly throughout the night
  • Breathing pauses while sleeping
  • Wake up gasping for breath
  • Wake up choking
  • Dry mouth or sore throat
  • Wake up with a headache often
  • Wake up with frequent need to urinate
  • Suffer insomnia
  • Trouble paying attention and concentrating
  • Suffer memory issues
  • Suffer hypersomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness
  • You are irritable and suffer mood swings easily
  • Experience sexual dysfunction
  • Weight gain

If you suffer from multiple of these symptoms, it may indicate a sleep disorder, such as OSA, or perhaps another health issue.

You should consult a Dental Sleep Medicine in Cairns for advice, who can organise a home sleep study for you. The home sleep study is designed to monitor your vital signs, leg movements, snoring, sleep apnoea events, eye movements and overall sleep patterns.

The information gathered through the home sleep study will be used to diagnose the causes for your sleep apnoea and provide suitable treatment.

However if it turns out you do not have sleep apnoea, you should see a doctor, as the symptoms may indicate another health issue.

However, for children, sleep apnoea has the following symptoms.

Symptoms of sleep apnoea in children

The page displayed below, is a parental assessment tool from Dr David McIntosh, who is a Paediatric ENT Surgeon. This displays all the possible symptoms of a child suffering from a sleep disorder.

These are the warning signs for children suffering from sleep apnoea that parents should look out for if their child is suffering from sleep problems. Overall the symptoms of sleep apnoea in children, are similar to that of learning issues associated with ADHD.

Dental Sleep Medicine can help you

The team at Dental Sleep Medicine in Cairns can help you or your child, from the initial consultation, to the diagnosis of sleep apnoea, to the treatment.

Our experienced team will organise a home sleep study and provide the best treatment based on the results of the study and advice from a sleep physician.

Please contact our team if you, your partner or your child is suffering from symptoms of sleep apnoea and experiencing sleepiness during the day. Click here to contact us.